About Claudia Miles, LMFT


Claudia Miles, LMFT
Since 1996

Claudia grew up in Los Angeles and worked for nearly a decade in the music and film industries and as a freelance writer and editor. She also spent a number of years as a political activist. Her desire to give something back eventually shifted from politics to something more personal, which is how she ultimately ended up becoming a therapist. She attended UCLA as an undergrad, receiving her B.A. in English literature in 1990. Her background in the arts and love for literature has added an unexpected dimension and depth to her work as a therapist. She enjoys working with artists of various kinds as well as clients who have yet to unleash their creative voice.

Miles identifies her style as a mix of Existential, Jungian, and Psychodynamic, yet she believes in using a style that suits the client. She uses Mindfulness, Visualization, Dream Analysis, Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Therapy to works with such issues as depression, OCD, anxiety, panic disorder, relationship issues, and substance addiction and food addiction. She considers humor an important element in the therapy process as well.

Miles specializes in Impulse Control Disorders, especially Trichotillomania & Compulsive Skin-Picking, and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with both these disorders. Miles herself suffered from Trichotillomania from age 3 to 28 when she found a way to recover from the chronic disorder one day at a time. She has now been pull-free for 20+ years.

Miles had the honor of co-teaching a two-part graduate class on Marriage and Family counseling with her mentor, Gary Hoeber, LMFT at her alma mater, JFK University. She recently relocated to her hometown of Los Angeles, California in January 2013 and is excited to be starting a practice there. She has an office in West L.A. and will be opening a West Hollywood office in 2013.

Miles moved back to Los Angeles to be closer to family and to be accessible to a larger population. But she likes to joke that she moved back for the comedy.